�12 Lead EKG Education


This web page is provided to students who are enrolled at Monroe Community College�s Paramedic Program, RIT�s Physician Assistant Program, St. John Fisher�s Nurse Practitioner program or any student learning electrocardiography.� The content here closely mirrors your training in these programs and can help keep your skill proficient by continual practice.

Many experts feel that you must see (under guidance) more than 500 EKGs to be considered proficient.� Students rarely have this opportunity while in class.� Our hope is that this website will provide a means to allow you to become skilled in a fun and educational way.� We will provide a monthly 12 Lead EKG for your interpretation.� We will also add supporting educational handouts as we generate them.� Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. Some features will not work with other browsers.� Good luck and enjoy the site !

If you are looking for the Paramedic Ultrasound site click here